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10 yd Dumpster for Dirt

10 cubic yard dumpster for CLEAN DIRT ONLY

Service Description

10 cubic yard dumpster for Clean Dirt ONLY. Clean dirt is described as having no rocks, no concrete, no roots or any other material other than dirt in the dumpster. If other materials are found within the dumpster it will be will be considered a "10yd mixed material dumpster" and charged $125 per ton. Dumpster rental period will be for 5 days | Additional days $42.50 | Additional $500 for Overloaded dumpsters (fill limit should be even with the side walls) Our 10 cubic yard dumpsters are built to handle the heavy payloads of yard waste and especially dirt. 2 ft tall by 16ft long by 7 feet wide. These dumpsters are designed with the purpose of removing extremely heavy materials. With low side walls they make loading by hand or heavy machinery cake. When it comes to transporting dirt in San Diego we've done our homework to make sure your dirt is handled in an eco-friendly manner. We've done all the "dirt" so that once the dumpster for rent leaves your possession you don't have to worry about a thing. We abide by all city guidelines to make sure your debris removal waste gets to the appropriate responsible disposal facility.

  • 750 US dollars
  • Customer's Place

Save Time and Money

Best Reasons to use our Dumpster Rentals

Using our dumpster rentals is the most cost effective way to remove unwanted waste or clutter from your home. It is an easy self service alternative to hiring a junk removal service to fill a 15-20 yard bin that averages between $800-$1500 depending on what's being thrown away. Save your self the back and fourth, the overages and cost on the overall waste removal project. Book a Dumpster rental in San Diego with Haul'n Off.

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