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5 Steps for a Great Open House.

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Helpful tips to help your home show at its best.

Tips on open house

Selling a home no matter the size is a huge task to undertake. From the sheer financial weight and all the to do's sometimes it's hard to see what are the proper next steps to take. But lucky for you we're here to hopefully ease your stress.

So you've gone through the work of finding a reputable agent that knows the San Diego area. You've created your comps and see where your house's price should fit. Best of all you bought your house in a great San Diego Neighborhood. It looks like you've got everything under control until your agent lets you know the open house schedule. An open house is a great thing! it brings attention to your home, sparks interest and can even create a bidding war (insert grin and rubbing hands together). An open house also means cleaning, decluttering,renting a dumpster or hiring a Junk removal service. So where do you begin? were glad you asked.

Step 1: Take Inventory

The first step in preparing for your open house is to 1st take inventory on what needs to stay,

open house checklist

what's junk, and what can be boxed up and prepared for your new home. This is a pretty straight forward process. We suggest making a note on your phone with the 3 categories above for each room in your house and listing the items as what to stay, what needs to go to a hauling service, and what can be boxed up.

Step 2: Get Organized

Once you have a clear understanding of what will be going where you can now start organizing the equipment, rentals and materials you will need to actually move all these items. If you have a large home or have lived there for a long time you may be getting rid of a large amount of unwanted items. For this we suggest scheduling a San Diego dumpster rental or junk removal. For the items that will be boxed the most cost effective strategy is to find a friend with a pick up and extra space in their garage to store your wanted items. If neither can be found you'll need to source a truck and a storage space suitable for your belongings. Now that you you know where everything is going and how its getting there you'll need to think of the aftermath, that's right cleaning. make a list of all the supplies you will need from your local San Diego hardware store.

Step 3: Helping Hands

You're halfway there! As we discussed before you may need a Highly recommended debris removal service. To handle trash removal there are 2 convenient options. If you have the time and man power a dumpster for rent is a great solution to remove large amounts of waste from your San Diego residence. If you don't have the time or the manpower hiring a full service junk removal company can be a great solution. In either situation the San Diego dumpster rental or junk removal company will haul away your unwanted household junk so you don't have to. One last note for this section is to make sure they offer great customer service and eco friendly junk hauling options.

Step 4: Clean!!! Clean!!! Clean!!!

Now that everything is in its place and there is a place for everything it's time to put some rubber gloves on and get to business. It's amazing how much a good deep clean can do for a house, things you thought needed to be replaced just really needed a little attention... and lysol. When doing this deep clean it's important to pay attention to the details like window seals, cleaning blinds, baseboards and stove hoods. These small details will signal to potential buyers that this is a home that has been cared for. When a buyer sees a home that is cared for it helps them feel comfortable with the very impactful purchase they are about to make.

Step 5: Final touches

Your home is clean and clutter free. This is where you walk through the home room by room one last time and take a final inventory making sure that furniture and decor is where it needs to be. Congrats you're ready for a great San Diego Open House showing!

Clean house

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